Why do this?

What is the purpose of fooddesignhq.com?

I guess as the guy who has attempted to do something with this property for the last couple of years. In one word, it’s a voice. In another sense, I would’ve been just as heavily justified in the act of founding “davidwelsh.com” just as easily. The purpose of this page will be as much a place to post Podcast Episodes, and Blog Posts, as well as interact with those of you who chose to include this into your lives. I would also be justified in calling this the equivalent of a “Linkedin 2.0”. So what do I want you to get out of this?


  1. Understanding the Interaction of Food, Culture, and Technology. As well as the three individually. Ultimately, these three factors all boil down to an attempt to influence the collective psychology. I am going to make a personal effort of breaking down two to three products a week for you. Ranging from things as abstract as the branding on a bottle of Vodka and how it is very deliberately designed to catch the eyes of young adults, a pre-shoutout to my friends at gypsyvodka.com. To how Apple’s advertising for the iPhone X is redundant branding at its best.
  2. Speculation of the future. This is the most abstract of the three concepts. But it is also the most relevant. What a lot of people do not realize is that the norm of tomorrow is on the fringe of today. I’m going to go on a proverbial limb here and say that the next great movement in Art is going to be Augmented Reality. Note that I’m not saying 3D immersive, though that is the direction of gaming and cinema over the next two decades. For the sake of time and preserving content for either a podcast or future article, I’m going
  3. Why the “average” man should care. Aside from the fact that everything we will be talking about will have either some Economic or Humanistic significance. Blockchain Encryption is something that whenever I bring it up as a “Do you care?” style of question. Laughter is a polite way of explaining the response that I typically get, until I explain the current financial implications that have already been presented to them by Bitcoin, Etherium, and other Cryptocurrencies.


I’m looking forward to bringing you guys the first Podcast and Blog Post. See you all soon!

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